"give yourself the opportunity of becoming the best!"

"Our experience in Calcutta Cricket Academy (CCA) was extremely good and very memorable. Shayan benefited a lot from the training. Abdul Masood Sir has a fantastic eye for detail and zeroed in on Shayan's grip and head position within 15 mins. Abdul Sir worked as hard as Shayan to correct it. Everyday Shayan would focus on the fundamentals. Key shots (drives, cut and pull) were practiced numerous times through drills, while Abdul Sir maintained an eagle eye on every detail. he also suggested a few fixes which Shayan still uses.

The assistant staff is also very dedicated and extremely friendly. Shayan played his first 40-over game. Although the sides were internal, the game was very competitive. Shayan was very proud to be Man of the Match. We wish there was a facility like CCA and a coach like Abdul Sir in Singapore. Shayan misses everyone a lot and wants to go back there during summer. We envy the players in CCA who get such a fantastic opportunity of training there every day of the week."

Saikat Mukherjee
Father of Shayan Mukherjee (Student from Singapore).


"Having known and worked with Mr.Abdul Masood for couple of months, I was delighted to find this talented and committed teacher, coach, mentor and sport enthusiast. By blending the elements of his own experiences, observations of great performers, and the latest sports science research (physiology, psychology, skill acquisition, biomechanics, nutrition), he brings out the best from an athlete. Mr.Abdul Masood's passion towards his coaching paralleled my desire to succeed at the highest level and I found the time spent working with him invaluable. I can whole heartedly recommend Mr. Abdul Masood to anybody who has the desire to play top class cricket or cricketers who are looking to improve their knowledge of the game and to live their dreams."

Debanick Banerjee