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Fielding Skills

Nowadays with the innumerable innovations batsman and bowlers bringing into all formats of cricket, Fielding has become the most important part for the team and also the individual. There is nowhere to on the field when the batsman are chasing the runs. In today’s cricket good fielding plays such an important and significant role in a cricketers career.

“ A Batsman might  not have to bowl, a Bowler might not have to bat, but in a team a Batsman needs to Field and the Bowler needs to field as well....” – M. S. Dhoni (Former Indian World Cup Winning Captain).

 The game of cricket requires players to spend up to 80% their time fielding and whilst attention is paid to fielding activities it is often an ‘afterthought’ or simply to fill in the time at the end of training.

The best advice that a coach should be giving to all budding cricketers is “ Every player’s aim should be to become as competent at fielding as they are at batting or bowling.